I am a Web Developer for over four years now and I am living in Taguig, PH. As of the moment I am working as a remote VueJS Developer for inQbyte.

Current Stack

On my current job, I am in a team that works on leveraging AI models to help break the job hunting gap between jobseekers and employers. I help mostly in creating front-end modules for the project, and I am having a great time learning the Laravel framework, with Vue and Typescript.

On my spare time, I create projects using Vue and for quite a while now I am learning the ins of React and GraphQL. I also check other related projects out, such as the likes of Nuxt, and Gridsome in which this site is built with. I either use SlimPHP or Lighthouse PHP to power up the back-end side of my personal projects.

Right now, I am working on personal projects.

People I follow

A list of people I look up to, my source of inspiration in this career path.

  • Nick Romero — a business-minded colleague friend where I can seek advise, and share my ideas with.
  • Acezon Cay — former high school classmate, and now a successful Software Developer. He's the reason why I took up my course in college.
  • James Vibar — a designer/developer colleague, he creates wonderful experiences driven with his passion in Web Development.
  • Rico Sta. Cruz — a filipino programmer. Was amazed how he has contributed to open source community.
  • Tania Rascia — this section was inspired by hers. She creates tutorials of all her learnings since the day she career shifted into Web Development.
  • Brad Traversy — who doesn't know who this guy is? Such amazing and helpful contents right on his Youtube channel.
  • Travis Neilson — a designer and developer who also creates funny and creative Youtube tutorials and tips.

Other than being a Developer

Ahh yes! I'm also into Graphics/UI designing.

I'm thinking of becoming a university instructor or a volunteer to some kind of NGO in the future. With this, I can somehow be able to give back to the community.

Travelling to "never been to" places has been a goal too.